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KINGS PARK: Stories from an American Mental Institution is now Close Captioned and available for Home Video Sales. Proceeds go entirely to support our outreach efforts.

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Purchase of the DVD Kings Park: Stories from an American Mental Institution from Wildlight Productions, Inc. is to be used for personal home viewing with family and friends only, and is protected by copyright. It is strictly prohibited to screen, loan or broadcast for any group for either educational or commercial purposes. Purchase of this film does not include or imply rights to rent, loan, sub lease or sub license to others. This film may not be digitized, altered, transmitted, duplicated or reproduced without prior, written authorization from Wildlight Productions, Inc. Digital or analog transmission or duplication of the program in whole or in part by broadcast, narrowcast, internet, open-cable, direct broadcast satellite, or other means is not permitted without written permission from Wildlight Productions, Inc.

 “Kings Park is a brave, compelling look at the life of a state mental hospital and those whose lives it has touched. Lucy Winer has thought long and hard about the subject, and brings to her film an admirable balance and depth, combined with sensitivity and even some humor. A brilliant exploration of a difficult and complex issue.”

– Oliver Sacks, M.D., Best Selling Author
Professor of Neurology, NYU School of Medicine

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